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Our Houston inspection company is unique. Many Houston inspection companies boast of providing unbiased foundation inspection services. Every reputable Houston inspection company should provide a completely unbiased assessment & recommendations for the property being inspected. We of course do that, but what sets us apart is our background & experience. 15 plus years of foundation inspection & home inspection experience to start. Call (281) 961-2385 & talk directly with the owner. We are also a state licensed structural engineer, and an experienced & successful home builder. See our Houston area home & foundation inspection work on these home inspections videos. Every inspection is performed by the owner of the company Doug Stephens. To see Doug’s qualifications see our home & foundation inspections about us page. For a completely unbiased evaluation of your property call & speak directly to Doug about what is best for your situation.

Foundation Inspections

crack in wall showing foundation inspection in orderIf you believe that your foundation is damaged from settling or differential movement and may be in need of repair, and before you get a foundation repair contractor involved, we highly recommend that you have an independent and unbiased structural-engineering evaluation of your foundation performed by a Licensed Structural Engineer.

We do not work for ANY foundation repair contractors nor are we associated with a foundation repair company. You can be sure that our structural engineering evaluation and opinion has your best interest in mind. The bottom line is calling our Houston inspection company during the foundation evaluation process is a good idea!

Home Inspections

Buying a home can be a very exciting experience. After many hours of searching the internet and walking through multiple houses, you’ve finally found the home that’s right for you. For the vast majority of people, a home is the single largest purchase that will be made in their lifetime. That is why choosing a competent Houston inspection company is so important.

The level of experience and qualifications varies greatly among inspectors as does equipment, reporting methods, and yes, pricing.  Ultimately, a thorough inspection is heavily dependent on the time and attention given to the property by the individual inspector.

Are All Houston Home Inspections Created Equal?

houston inspection company house being inspected with stethoscopeToo often, professional services are shopped like everyday commodities, such as apples and oranges. And inspection services are no exception. The value of a home inspection is difficult to quantify as each person’s perception of value is different. Some believe the best value of an inspection is the lowest price. Others believe that an exhaustive inspection and report are best. Perhaps the best Houston inspection company value rests somewhere in the middle.

One constant is certain, the good home inspectors will take their time to thoroughly look at a house to more accurately assess the house’s condition. And since time is money, a competent and thorough inspection naturally costs more.

We provide a complete assessment of the condition of the home or foundation as well as guidance with your purchase & or repair decision. Likewise, our independent, unbiased inspection/report will identify significant deficiencies and potential repairs in the major systems of your home.

In lieu of providing a full home inspection, Timberwood Houston inspection company can also provide a limited-visual and operational evaluation of the mechanical, electrical and plumbing systems. This is referred to as a MEP or mechanical inspection.

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A typical MEP Houston Inspection Company Evaluation Includes Items Such As:

Heating equipment, distribution systems, chimneys, air Conditioning & heat pumps, cooling and air-handling equipment controls and ducting, electrical visible wiring, main service panels and conductors, switches, receptacles, etc..

Applying the Scientific Method to Home Inspections

houston inspection company president Doug StephensWhile attending Iowa State University, I walked into my first engineering class as a new and eager student, only to see this anonymous quote written on the white board by my professor: “Most engineers are idealists. They perceive beauty in scientific truth and see its discovery as their vocation. Without this, most would have gone into something more lucrative.”  Over my 17 years in the engineering, construction, and inspection business, I’ve seen this concept proven to be true.

Through extensive education and experience, practicing engineers become experts in technical information, and solving problems is their principal occupation. As performance expectations in the Houston inspection company industry have increased over the years, there has been an increasing need for the application of “Critical Thinking” in the context of property condition assessments. Although everyone would agree that “Critical Thinking” is a good thing, it is difficult to define and even more difficult to teach.

“Rather, the proper application of critical thinking comes from the marriage of education and experience.”

Engineers apply critical thinking, otherwise referred to as the Scientific Method, in everyday practice. The Scientific Method is the intellectually-disciplined process of observation, data collection, analysis, reasoning, and interpretation. All five parts must be done correctly to achieve precise and usable results. The proper application of the scientific method is of particular importance in the inspection of homes and commercial properties.

– Doug Stephens, PE

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Resale Home Inspections

Our Timberwood Houston inspection company understands that existing homes are distinctly different from new homes in that there is no one standard that can be used to judge every house. Older homes built over the last century have been constructed under many variations of building codes. In the Houston metropolitan area, houses constructed prior to the mid-1960′s were most likely built with no universally accepted code and little to no municipal or third party oversight. So, it is not practical to expect that older homes should meet the new-home standards.
Timberwood Houston inspection company modifies the home inspection approach for existing homes. Whereas a new home is inspected with building codes and quality of construction in mind, an inspection for an existing home places a greater emphases on apparent long-term defects and deterioration, wear and tear, possible water infiltration, functionality, life-health-safety issues, and conditions that may affect the long-term performance of the house.

Houston Inspection Company – New Home

A new home inspection provided by Timberwood Inspections will include the same professional and thorough home inspection as would be expected for any other home. A third-party, independent inspection of your new home will provide a fresh set of trained eyes to thoroughly look at the home, help you reduce the probability of new-construction errors, and give you peace of mind. It is often asked why a new home would need to be inspected. After all, everything is new and built according to code, right? And if something goes wrong, won’t the builder fix it? Maybe. Good builders construct well-built homes and back up their work with a responsive-warranty period. Unfortunately, not every home is built by a reputable builder. And even among reputable builders, things happen during construction that never get noticed. Issues associated with hidden defects may not show up until years later and after the builder’s warranty has expired. We refer to these as “latent” defects. Often, inspections of new homes reveal as many or more defects than inspections on existing homes.

It is a common belief that independent inspections aren’t necessary for houses built in areas where city or county inspectors perform routine inspections. In my experience as a homebuilder for over 13 years, I have realized that inspections performed by city inspectors are minimum inspections and will typically only cover certain building code criteria with particular focus on electrical and life-safety issues. Also, city inspectors do not spend enough time at the site to perform a thorough, quality-of-workmanship inspection. And of course a foundation inspection at any step of the building process is a good idea.