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photo of cracked wall that says a foundation inspection is in orderWhen you are looking for a trustworthy foundation inspection in Conroe TX, the last thing you want is an inspector who tries to sell a foundation repair contractor or company to you. What most homeowners want is an honest opinion of their foundation’s condition.

At Timberwood Inspections, we agree with you. We believe that a professional Conroe foundation inspector should just focus on the home and leave the repair decision to the clients. For this reason, Timberwood Inspections has strived to maintain its independence by refusing to associate with any realtor or foundation repair company/contractor. Our Foundation Inspection Conroe TX package is customer-centered. This means that we examine your foundation with your best interest in mind.

At the end of the inspection, we will send you a written report of our findings in 24 hours or less. You can then review the report and develop a course of action that best fits your budget and expectations. Call us today at (281) 961-2385 to get started today.

A Few Facts on Foundation Inspection Conroe TX Problems

As a suburban city that is located 40 miles north of downtown Houston, Conroe is home to residents who find joy in its blend of nature, arts, history, and recreation. While Conroe makes a great residential location, its geographic features can make the foundation of your home more susceptible to settlement and upheaval. If you have a property in Conroe, it is probably built on layers of sediments with high clay content. This type of soil is highly compressible. It expands when wet, and shrinks when dry. Overtime, the constant expansion and contraction will compromise the integrity of your foundation and cause the concrete slabs of your foundation to suffer. When that happens, your home may reveal the following warning signs:

Foundation Inspection Conroe TX What To Expect?

  • Interior cracks: You will see stress cracks in the interior walls as well as sheetrock cracks over doors and windows. These stress cracks not only mar the appearance of your indoor space, but also make opening and closing doors and windows difficult. In the process, you may suffer ventilation problems as air leaks in and out of the house.
  • Exterior cracks: The swelling and shrinking of the clay soil exert great pressure on the foundation of your home. This results in differential movement that includes foundation upheaval and settlement. Because the type and level of pressure varies in different parts of your home, you will see stress cracks appearing on walls and in the mortar of the brick veneer.
  • Other signs: cracks on the floor, floor sloping, warped window/door frames, and etc.

 When you see these signs, do not panic. These are just early signs of a compromised foundation. Instead of ignoring the signs or trying to fix the surface problems (such as patching the cracks with mortar), call up a Conroe foundation inspector to give your home a close look.

Tips for Finding The Best Foundation Inspection Conroe TX Company

The fact that your home demonstrates any sign of a pending foundation problem should not be a source of alarm and distress. House settlement happens all the time. Yet, with the right foundation inspection and the right treatment, you will be able to repair your foundation without spending a fortune. So here’s how to find a great foundation inspector in Conroe, TX:

  1. Local & Experienced

The quality of the foundation inspection greatly depends on the professionalism of your foundation inspector. When hunting for a reliable Conroe foundation inspector, you should only consider foundation inspector or foundation inspection company that has been around your area for more than a decade. This ensures that your foundation inspector is not only experienced, but also is familiar with the soil composition and climate condition of Conroe.

  1. Reputable & Independent

With everything made accessible on the Internet, it is easy for you to look up business directories to see what local homeowners have to say about a company. Use the tools in your favor by reading online reviews and understanding the quality of service delivered by each company. Check out the website of the foundation inspection company to read about their service descriptions and give them a call if you have any question. On a side note, foundation inspection companies associated with realtors and repair companies may put on a sales pitch to influence your repair decisions. For an unbiased inspection report, you should hire an independent inspection company who only have your best interest in mind.

  1. Licensed in Structural Engineering

To ensure that you are using a Houston foundation inspection service that lives up to the highest standards of quality assurance, you should always consider hiring someone with a background in structural engineering. This is because the State of Texas does not regulate the home and foundation inspection profession. Anyone can become an inspector by taking a few classes and passing a written exam. Considering that none of these inspectors have received practical training, your home may be their very first home to test their working knowledge of a good foundation. Do not let an inexperienced foundation inspector work for you just because he or she costs less. Pay a bit more for an experienced foundation inspector with a background in structural engineering. That way, he or she can analyze the stability and condition of your foundation effectively to recommend a set of sound repair options.

Experienced Foundation Inspection Professionals You Can Trust

award winning foundation inspection conroe tx credentials illustrationTimberwood Inspections is a local and independent home and foundation company. We have over 17 years of experience in home and foundation inspection, construction, and architectural. Our inspector, Doug Stevens, is a licensed structural engineer and a pro in structural building. He has built multiple homes in the past and will give you clear and accurate inspection.

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The foundation is the most important part of your home. It is what holds the rest of your structures and components together. Timberwood Inspections is here to help you with your foundation troubles. We are experts in structural buildings. Our Foundation Inspection Conroe TX package is designed to meet your unique needs and give you peace of mind. Call us at (281) 961-2385.