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Foundation inspection Spring TX workerWhen you hire a foundation inspection Spring TX company to examine your home, you want to have a quality inspection that will reveal both existing and potential foundation problems. Timberwood Inspections understands your need.

Our Foundation Inspection Spring TX package is specially designed to meet your demand for a top-notch and reliable foundation inspection. We know that the Texas soil makes the foundation of your home vulnerable to settlement and differential movement. That is why we are not only licensed in foundation inspection, but also in structural engineering. Our inspections are thorough, precise, and unbiased. Give us a call now at (281) 961-2385 to have your foundation in Spring, TX inspected by an expert who has ever built a number of quality homes from scratch.

Signs and Causes of Foundation Problems in Spring TX

The foundation of your home supports the overall structure of your building. Without it, your home will simply refuse to stand. However, the foundation needs to be laid properly in order to sustain the weight of the building. If you live in Spring, Texas (or in Northern Texas), it is highly likely that your foundation is built on soil. Most of the soil you find in the area has high swelling potentials and usually contain around 50 percent clay. The composition of the soil then makes your foundation susceptible to water and temperature-related expansions and contractions. With your home built right on top of this compressible material, it is no surprise that your foundation will rise and fall as the soil swells and shrinks. As time goes on, the integrity of your foundation may be compromised. Early signs of a failing foundation include jammed doors, cracks in interior and exterior bricks, uneven or sloping floor, and wall rotation.

Foundation Inspection Spring TX: Why You Need a Pro

worker laying foundation inspection spring txSeeing cracks on the exterior and interior walls of your home can alarm the calmest homeowners. No one likes the thought of having a weak home structure. To live in a house where you need to constantly worry about the ceiling falling down on you can be a true nightmare. Fortunately, the cracks, separations, and displacement do not mean that your house is falling apart. Instead, they are tell-tale signs that point you to some kind of foundation problems that can be addressed with a great foundation inspection Spring TX and a solid repair job.

The purpose of a foundation inspection Spring TX is to help you identify problems that are affecting the structural integrity of your home. While you do not need to be an expert to recognize that there is something wrong with your home, you definitely need a qualified inspector to inspect the scope and severity of the foundation damage. This is because the conditions that have triggered foundation damages are not always obvious. All houses settle overtime. Knowing the how’s and the why’s will enable you to adopt the right repair and modification plans to treat the problems. Without a foundation expert, homeowners may be misled to treat the symptoms and never address the true culprits. For example, homeowners may try to fill in a cracked slab, redo the window or door frames, and so forth. All these actions do not solve the problem. They are superficial treatment. As the foundation worsens, the problems will surface again. Only this time, they will be more severe and repair will be more costly.

Our Foundation Inspection Spring TX Package

Having an experienced foundation inspector helps homeowners to understand the real causes behind the damage and find ways to remedy it early on in the process. Here at Timberwood Inspections, we know that foundation inspection needs to be done with great care and attention. For this reason, our foundation inspection Spring TX service goes beyond the common Level A Houston foundation inspection offered by other companies in Spring, TX. Instead of doing a superficial, visual inspection, our foundation Level B foundation inspection includes:

  • A thorough, detailed foundation analysis that is accompanied by an accurate drawing of your foundation to scale;
  • An interior observation of your interior floor plan, walls, and other areas;
  • An exterior drainage and damage inspection;
  • A review of your landscape and vegetation;
  • A clear conclusion of our findings that is supported by quality photographs;
  • A set of recommendations that help homeowners decide the best course of actions.

Timberwood Inspections provides a written report of all our findings within 24 hours after the inspection has been performed. We take our time to inspect your foundation and building to capture every single sign and detail. If you have any question about our foundation inspection Spring TX service or need clarifications on any part of our inspection process or the report itself, just give us a call. We are here to serve you and solve your foundation problems.

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What Makes Timberwood Inspections So Great?

This is a timeless question from all our customers. Hiring a foundation inspector requires sound judgment. Because the type of foundation inspector you get determines the type of service you will receive, homeowners or home buyers with foundation problems want to err on the side of caution to avoid costly consequences. We understand that. So here are a few things that make Timberwood Inspections so great:

  1. Timberwood Inspections is a local home and foundation inspection Spring TX company with nearly two decades of experience in the industry.
  1. We are licensed in structural engineer, which means that we know the science and math behind a working foundation versus a dysfunctional one.
  1. Our company is independent. We do not push you to hire certain repair contractors or companies. Timberwood Inspection is committed to delivering an unbiased foundation inspection Spring TX report and leave you — the customer — to make the decision.
  1. The inspectors that will be serving you are friendly and passionate about building structure and quality construction. They love their job and are proud to be on your team.

No matter what kind of problems or complications you have, Timberwood Inspections will solve your foundation mystery and make reasonable recommendations. Call us now at (281) 961-2385.