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Homeowners searching for a reliable foundation inspection company in Tomball, TX should look no further than Timberwood Inspections. We are a professional company that is committed to giving you the best foundation inspection in Tomball, TX. Our inspection team will give your home a serious and thorough examination. Do you have cracks on your walls? Is your floor sloping? These are signs that point to a bigger problem, and it is your job to get the condition checked out and repaired by a pro ASAP. Our Foundation Inspection Tomball TX is one of a kind because it is tailored to meet your unique needs. We understand that Texas has diverse soil qualities, features, and compositions that can adversely affect the integrity of your foundation. This is why our foundation inspection Tomball TX services are designed with your geographic location in mind. We have been around long enough to know the landscape of Tomball, TX. Combining our rich inspection experience with our practical knowledge in structural engineering, Timberwood Inspections will dig through the surface problems and point you to the right sources. Contact us today at (281) 961-2385 to start your quality inspection today.

Understanding Foundation Movement in Tomball TX

Home Inspector Reviewing Front Of HouseThe foundation of your home does more than just holding a house above the ground. As a vital component to your overall structural design, a proper foundation effectively insulates against the cold, resists surrounding movement of the earth, and prevents moisture infiltration. However, the well-being of your foundation goes beyond great construction. Poor soil condition, weak soil composition, imbalanced moisture content in soil, extreme temperatures, and other natural factors can stress and compromise your foundation. Because most homes in Tomball are built on clay soil that contracts and expands overtime, it is highly likely for your foundation to experience certain levels of settlement and differential movement some times in the near future.

Foundation settlement happens when the soil contracts for the lack of water. In this Foundation Inspection Tomball TX crackcase, your foundation will shift from its original position and sink downward. On the other hand, the introduction of water will cause the soil in Tomball, TX to expand. When this takes place, your foundation may be pushed upward into the building structure. Foundations that suffer settlement and differential movement are known to distort and disrupt parts of your valuable building structure. Common signs of foundation movement include creaking floors, stuck windows and doors, and water in the basement.

What can a Qualified Foundation Inspection Tomball TX do for you?

While it may be easy for homeowners to spot tell-tale signs of foundation problems, getting to the root causes is much more complicated. Foundation problems do not go away by themselves. To make sure that you effectively treat the cause (and not just the symptoms), you need someone who can accurately assess the condition of your foundation. This is where an experienced foundation inspection Tomball TX company or inspector enters the game. Trained to tackle this difficult job, a great Houston foundation inspector will not only inspect your foundation and the interior and exterior of your building, but also inspect the surrounding soil and vegetation. By accounting for all possibilities and isolating unlikely triggers through the process of elimination, your foundation inspector can draw a precise conclusion and recommend relevant course of actions to send you on the right path.

Finding Your Foundation Inspector in Tomball TX

Like any professions you see on the market, the quality of service you receive varies greatly from company to company, and from person to person. The same applies to foundation inspectors. Not all foundation inspections are created equal. You may not know this, but foundation and home inspectors are self-regulated. In the State of Texas, you can become a foundation and home inspector by enrolling in a few classes and passing an exam. You are not required by law to have any foundation inspection experiences to qualify for the job.

To avoid hiring a Tomball foundation inspector who has never inspected a home in his or her life, you need to research about the history of the company. Ask for their experiences and qualifications. Is the company or person licensed and insured? How long has the company been around in your local area? These are valid questions that will help you to filter through your candidates and be in contact with the pros.

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Foundation Inspection Tomball TX Package

Timberwood Inspections is your trusted home and foundation inspection company in Houston, Texas. Servicing areas such as Tomball, Spring, The Woodlands, and more, we are here to answer your foundation questions with a thorough inspection. Our Foundation Inspection Tomball TX is created with you in mind. As a local company that has carefully studied the natural condition of your landscape, vegetation, and soil, Timberwood Inspections can professionally examine your foundation and reach a valid conclusion. We offer a Level B foundation inspection service that does more than a visual survey of your home. When you hire us, we promise to:

  • Spend quality time examining the various components and features of your home and foundation.
  • Deliver a clear written foundation inspection Tomball TX report within 24 hours after the inspection has been performed.
  • Address any concern and question you might have over the phone with professionalism and care.

Our company has 17+ years of experiences in the inspection service. Not only that, we are also licensed in structural engineering. In fact, our founder, Doug Stevens, once owned a thriving construction business. We know what it takes to have a beautiful and strong home because we have built multiple ones in the past. Additionally, Timberwood Inspections is not associated with any repair company and realtors. We are an independent company so you can always count on us to give you an unbiased foundation inspection Tomball TX service.

Need Foundation Inspection Tomball TX Service? Don’t Wait Another Day!

Timberwood Inspections is a company that is dedicated to you — and only you. Your best interest is our best interest; and we are committed to giving you peace of mind and quality assurance in our foundation inspection services. Get started on our foundation inspection Tomball TX process by calling (281) 961-2385 now.