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Home Inspection Conroe ceiling inspectionIf you have found a home in Conroe and want to make sure that it is the real deal, then ask experts from Timberwood Inspections for help. As the founder and president of Timberwood Inspections, Doug Stephens, P.E. is not only a licensed home inspector, but also an experienced structural engineer who understands the qualifications of a well-built home.

Having 17 plus years of hands-on experiences in surveying, civil engineering design, architecture, and structural building, Doug proudly offers his Home Inspection Conroe package to help all home buyers to make a sound purchasing decision. Our home inspection Conroe team stands ready to serve all Conroe clients with integrity and thoroughness. Give us a call at (281) 961-2385 to find out what a home inspection in Conroe can do for you and your family.

Home Inspection in Conroe TX

Whether you are buying a new home for the first, second, or the third time, experiences and experts have taught us that a home is not always what it seems. Many excited homeowners who thought they have landed a great deal only woke up the next day to find their dream home a true nightmare. To go beyond the superficial beauty of a home, you need help. This is where Home Inspection Conroe comes into the game.

While sometimes overlooked by home buyers in the purchasing process, a home inspection can help you see the true colors of your home and save you much heartache. A home inspector checks the home’s exterior and interior to ensure all major systems are functioning properly. Additionally, a home inspector will examine the building structure to see whether it complies with the latest building codes. Once the inspection has been performed, the home inspector will draft a written report that identifies:

  • Problems that may cause safety issues;
  • Major and minor defects of the home;
  • Items that may need improvement or monitoring for potential defects.

Depending on the size of your house and the scope of inspection, a home inspection Conroe typically costs around $300 to $500. As a general rule of thumb, do not let a couple hundred dollars stop you from hiring a home inspector. After all, buying a home is expensive enough, why should you be forced to pay the entire repair and replacement costs? In fact, the goal of home inspection Conroe is to reveal repair and replacement expenses so you — the buyer — can negotiate the contract and get the seller to lower the price, pay for part of the repair fees, or do a little bit of both.

To help you better understand the home inspection process, here are some of the problems your home inspector will be looking for as he or she walks through your house:

  • Exterior Walls: Before entering the house, your Conroe home inspector will inspect the walls for cracks or other issues.
  • Foundation: Your home inspector will conduct an evaluation of the foundation.
  • Grading: Your home inspector will determine whether or not the grading slopes properly from the home.
  • The Roofing System: Your home inspector should get as close to the roof as possible to not only check for installation-related problems and evidence of roof damage.
  • The Plumbing System: In addition to searching for signs of visible leaks in the water supply lines & pipes your inspector might also suggest a lead contamination examination.
  • The Electrical System: In addition to identifying the kind of wiring the home has, your inspector will also test all the outlets to ensure that they are functional. For safety precautions, your home inspector should also check your electrical panel and your electrical outlets. Looking for sign or trouble & to make sure they do not present a fire hazard.

A professional Houston home inspector will also test your garage door for proper opening and closing. Other commonly inspected systems include the HVAC and the water heater. If you have a laundry room, your inspector will also examine the area to make sure that it is properly vented.

For you to maximize the home inspection Conroe experience, you want to hire a qualified, licensed, and local home inspector who has been in the business as long as we have been. This is because the State of Texas allows anyone to become a licensed home inspector after taking a few classes and passing the exam. Because you want to have a thorough inspection, you should look to companies like Timberwood Inspections for all your inspection needs.

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Located just 40 miles north of Houston, Conroe is a beautiful town that is bordered by two full-growth forests and a 22,000-acre lake. Timberwood Inspections offers a competitive home inspection for those who are interested in starting a new life in Conroe TX. Our Home Inspection Conroe TX package is perfected by close to two decades of local home inspection experience and a solid background in structural engineering. We pride in what we do and will give you a professional and unbiased picture of the home.

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Timberwood Inspections offer customer-friendly and efficient home inspection service. Whereas other companies may make you wait for 5-7 days before sending you a written report, Timberwoods Inspections promises to deliver you a well-written Home Inspection Conroe report within 24 hours after the inspection. And if you have any concern or question about the report or the inspection process, we will be more than happy to talk to you over the phone. Hire Timberwood Inspections today by dialing (281) 961-2385.