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Found the perfect home in Spring TX? Or maybe selling a home? It’s time to hire a trustworthy Spring TX Home inspector to give this place a close look. Our home inspection Spring TX service boasts of its comprehensive and competitive value that is guaranteed to leave you informed and satisfied. It includes a thorough written report. During the home inspection, our Spring TX home inspector will perform an in-depth and impartial examination of the property you plan to buy or sell. We have your best interest in mind. So get ready to have us inspect your home inside out & give you the impartial facts. Call us today at (281) 961-2385 to start your inspection.

Home Inspection in Spring TX

There is no doubt that your home will be the largest investment you will ever make. Before you start imagining life in your dream home, you want to be sure you are making a good investment. You can certainly climb the roof, test the garage door, or pay a visit to the attic. But are you trained for what to look for? You need a pair of sharp & experienced eyes to do this for you. You need someone who is trained to identify existing and developing deficiencies that may compromise the comfort, value, and even the safety of your living space. A Spring TX home inspector does just that. And the good ones (like Timberwood Inspections) know exactly what to look for.

What Can a Home Inspection Spring TX Do For You?

new home owners looking at home inspection spring tx reportUnlike a regular home buyer who may be deceived and distracted by the superficial charm of a home, a professional Spring TX home inspector can look past the surface and nail down to the things what count the most. This is because a home cannot survive without its major systems. For example, a failing roofing system can lead to leakage and severe foundation damages. On average, a roof repair costs about $800, but can spike to as high as $2,000. If a roof replacement is needed, you are looking at an additional investment of $1,086 to $1,409 per 200 square feet. According to Angie’s List, this can easily add up to $10,000.

Spending thousands of dollars on home repair after acquiring your dream home can turn everything into a financial nightmare. To avoid this disaster, it is always a good idea to have a Spring TX home inspector take a look before you sign the contract. A Home Inspection Spring TX report should provide you a “distress analysis” that itemizes various defects of the home. The description of each defect should be clearly stated and accompanied by high-resolution, quality photographs. That way, both the buyer and seller can better understand the scope and severity of what your Spring TX home inspector has identified as area of concern.

From there, the buyer & seller will be able to negotiate repair contingencies. Oftentimes, this means that the seller will:

(1) Cover all or portions of the repair cost;

(2) Give the buyer a discount to compensate.

Your Timberwood Spring TX home inspector is most interested is helping you safeguard your investment. We recommend all our clients do this before entering into any type of long term contract. In fact, when you make a written offer on a home, you should insist that the contract specifically spells out that the offer is contingent on a home inspection conducted by a qualified inspector. While it is your responsibility to pay for the inspection, a Home Inspection Spring TX report could keep you from buying a house that will cost you a fortune after you sign off the check. If you are satisfied with the results of the inspection, then your offer can proceed. If the home inspection Spring TX report reveals problems and you still want the home, you might want to sit down with the seller and have a serious discussion.

Home Inspection Spring TX Package

A home inspection protects your investment, while allowing you to save thousands down the road. As a reliable home inspection Spring TX company, Timberwood Inspections is happy to introduce our Home Inspection Spring TX package to clients who have decided to settle their lives in this area. We are experienced, efficient, and trustworthy. Best of all, our company was founded by Doug Stephens, P.E., a veteran in engineering, structure building, and architectural design. Because Doug has personally built homes in the past, he knows the exact details that go into a good home. As a result, Timberwood Inspections pride itself in delivering the most comprehensive home inspections you can find in Spring, TX.

Guaranteed Satisfaction

Worker Laying New Roof For HomeWhen you hire us, we will spend 3 to 4 intensive hours examining the systems of your home. During the inspection, our professional home inspector will:

  • Inspect the structure & mechanical systems.
  • Document everything that should be replaced or repaired.
  • Estimate the remaining life of electrical, plumbing, & air conditioning equipment.

We will take photos of defects and draft an easy-to-read home inspection report in 24 hours or less. While we will not be the ones estimating the value of the house, the Houston home inspector report should give you a concise list of items that may need fix or improvement. Buyers can then use our inspection report and do their own research to find more on repair and replacement costs. If you have any question on a specific defect, Timberwood Inspections will be more than happy to help. Simply give us a call, and we will guide you through the report and clarify the findings one by one.

Buying or Selling a Home in Spring TX? Give Us a Call, We Can Help!

All in all, a Spring home inspector not only helps buyers to get a clear picture of the house. They also enable the buyer, and seller, a smoother closing. A Home Inspection Spring TX report is a valuable source of information and a great negotiation tool. Hire a licensed-structural engineer and homebuilder with over 17 years of experience in the industry to inspect your home today.

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