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Thank you for visiting our home inspection Tomball services page. Now that you have found the home you love, it’s time to give the building a thorough inspection before proceeding with the next step. Timberwood Inspections is here to give you the best Home Inspection Tomball TX package. We are a local home and foundation inspection company with 17 years of experience. Our home inspection is of premium quality because we are not only experts in home inspection, but also in construction. After all, Timberwood Inspections is founded by a passionate civil engineer who is experienced in structural building. Combining our vision for quality and our desire to help you find the home of your dream, the home inspection you receive from Timberwood will be done professionally and precisely to meet your need.

A Home inspection is an important part of your home purchasing experience. For every buyer (or seller) the transaction of a home purchase is a big deal. Contrary to popular beliefs, the process of acquiring your dream home does not need to equal financial havoc. While the complication of house hunting and settling the deal may send you on a time crunch, you can still walk away with your dream home. And do so with an optimistic mood and a sense of accomplishment. Give us a call at (281) 961-2385 to start your home inspection today.

Knowing “How Your Home Works” Will Save You Money In The Long Run

Tomball home inspectors skyline view on lake at dawnThe problem with home buying is not that it is expensive (you already know that!). Instead, nightmares of home buying usually begin when buyers find themselves paying additional expenses as the result of an unsound real estate investment. As AOL Real Estate shares, “A lot of people — 80 to 85 percent of people — buy emotionally” and are merely concerned with the “view” and not the “issue.” Home buyers get carried away with how the house looks that they forgot to find out how the house actually works. Even if you are slightly more cautious and tried to do your homework, your knowledge on the mechanics of a building is rather limited. To avoid finding yourself in knee-deep in problems, John Braun, a real estate attorney, advises all home buyers to hire a trained, licensed, and well-reviewed home inspector to give their home a professional look.

What Can a Home Inspector in Tomball TX Do For You?

A home inspection gives buyers a transparent and informed perspective of their alleged dream home. It brings buyers back to reality so that they are no longer madly in love with a home for its face value. The home inspection Tomball involves the home inspector taking a close look of your roof, HVAC, the structure, exterior, electrical, and other major systems that are vital in keeping your home alive and pumping.

For example, your Houston home inspector will examine your roof to make sure that it is free of defects related to water penetration and shingle adhesion. He or she will check your walls and ceilings for signs of moisture infiltration. A detailed examination of your home’s electrical system will also be performed to ensure that every component works seamlessly with one another. When it comes to your plumbing system, it is important for your home inspector to carefully look through your water and gas supply systems, the fixture components, and the water heating equipment. Additionally, buyers should be aware that homes built prior to the 1930s use lead water lines. Because lead is a natural toxin and environmental hazard, you are recommended to test your water for lead contamination to avoid health hazards down the road.

What Should You Expect After the Home Inspection in Tomball TX?

Once the inspection is completed, your home inspector will send you a home inspection Tomball TX report. It will include the below, but is not limited to these items:

  • home inspection tomball report and keys to new homeThe structural condition of the home
  • The quality, condition, and life expectancy of major systems
  • Condition of ceilings, walls, floors, & windows
  • Condition of roofing, gutters, & chimney
  • Kitchen appliances;
  • All other possible problems, concerns, or needs you might have

A great home inspection Tomball report should be clearly formatted and concisely written. Because you are on an intensive time schedule, the home inspection tomball written report should be delivered to you no later than 24 hours after the inspection has been performed.

Your home inspector should be available to answer any question you have about the report. Pictures of the alleged defects should also be made available to allow buyers and sellers to speculate the severity of the defect and come up with a reasonable resolution.

Experienced Home Inspection Tomball TX Service You Can Trust

When it comes to hiring home inspectors Tomball, you want a professional with a track record of excellence. However, not all home inspectors deliver the same level of service. Did you know that anyone in Texas can become a home inspector by taking a few classes and passing an exam? Not so at Timberwood Inspections, a company where quality and safety are valued.

All our inspections are performed by an inspector with a strong background in engineering. As a former structural builder, Doug Stephens, P.E. has overseen structural design, home construction, and other engineering projects. Doug is a meticulous and attention-oriented inspector who does not let even the smallest defect slip through the crack. No matter how big or small your house may be, Doug will thoroughly examine every detail of your home and send you the home inspection 24 hours after his inspection.

Order Our Home Inspection Tomball TX Package

Tomball, TX offers a diverse economy, a variety of entertainment opportunities, and an affordable living style. As a part of the Houston metropolitan area, Tomball residential homes are built with adherence to the 2012 International Residential Building Code. Buyers who are considering a home in Tomball should take advantage of our home inspection Tomball services. It is competitively priced so you can get a detailed inspection report without spending a fortune.