4 Things Sellers Can Do to Prepare for a Houston Home Inspection

Home buyers today take advantage of Houston home inspection services to safeguard their investment. A buyer’s home inspection service provides an unbiased and honest opinion of the property’s true condition. In fact, buyers rely so much on the home inspection report that many have made it a contingency in their offer.

are you ready for houston home inspection calendar posted noteAs a seller, you may be on a time crunch to sell your home and move on with life. It can be that you just got a new job and only have weeks to make the transition. Or maybe, you are desperate to buy a home you love, but just need a little boost in finances. Whatever your reason for selling your home, you want to attract the right buyer who will buy your home at a reasonable price. One way to ready your home for a great buyer is to have a pre-listing home inspection, or more commonly known as a seller’s home inspection.

How to Prepare Yourself for the Houston Home Inspection

Having a seller’s Houston home inspection is a great way for you — the seller — to realize the defects of your home and make the necessary repairs before the home is listed on the market. Because you will get a detailed report at the end of the inspection, your buyer will not need to hire someone to do the work all over again. This means that if your buyer likes your home and feels satisfied with the inspection report, both of you can start working on the contract right away. Here are 4 ways you can do to prepare for a home inspection:

  1. Clean up your inner space

If your home is a mess with stuff cluttered all over the floor, it’s time to get organized. Your home inspector will be walking around your home. The last thing you want to happen is to have your inspector stumble or trip over something during the inspection process. So, pick up those socks, magazines, and toys. You will need to tidy up your home for the buyer, so why not get a head start now?

  1. Be honest about “known” faults

Do not try to hide problems. The goal of a Houston home inspection is to help you discover known and unknown problems that may frustrate your real estate transaction. Take the initiative to point out known defects to your inspector and get professional recommendations on repair options.

  1. Get those light bulbs working again

You should strive to take care of easy problems before the home inspection. One simple way is to make sure that all the lightbulbs you have are working. This is because an inspector will need to evaluate a fixture as “inoperable” if the attached light bulbs fail to function. Check the lightbulb around the house, including those in the attic, crawlspace, and furnace rooms.

  1. Make Things Accessible To The Houston Home Inspection Company

houston home inspection report booklet photoYou want to give the inspector a clear space to do their job. Besides organizing your home and clearing the floor space, you should also clear out the things that may be in or on top of your appliances. For example, you should remove dirty and clean clothes away from your laundry machines. The oven and stove tops should also be free of pots and pans. If you have a chance, go ahead and test your smoke detectors. A lot of times your smoke detectors fail because it needs a new battery.

The more prepared you are, the better you will be during the Houston home inspection process. Maximize your home inspection experience by readying your home and yourself for your home inspector. Be present for the home inspection so you can understand the revealed defects and ask any question right on the spot. For more information on seller’s home inspection service, call Timberwood Inspections. We are an experienced and local Houston home and foundation inspection company that is licensed in structural engineering.