Home Buyers Inspection

new home owners after a home buyer inspectionReady to purchase a home you found in Houston, The Woodlands, Spring, Conroe, or Tomball? Hold on your horses and slow down those adrenaline glands for a sec. We all know that you are excited about getting that dream home before another snatch it away. Although this is completely understandable, you also want to make sure that the biggest financial investment you are about to make in your life is going to meet your expectations in every way that matters. For a home to be thoroughly comfortable, you need it to be beautiful inside out. You want the roof to work, the electricity to function, and the list can go on. However, most home buyers are not professionally trained to perform a comprehensive home buyer inspection. There are just too many details. And who would like to climb the roof and poke around the electrical system? The professional home inspectors from Timberwood Inspections would. Hire us to come and inspect your home. We will look at all the major systems in your home and give you an honest and accurate opinion of their conditions. Contact us today at (281) 961-2385 to get started.

Why do Home Buyers Need a Home Buyer Inspection?

Among all the big things that happen in your life, buyingIn depth home buyer inspection a home is probably a grand milestone that warrants a celebration. But do you know that statistics have found as many as 80% of the home buyers having at least one major regret about their new home?

Even if you set aside the neighborhood, school district, and other peripheral dissatisfactions, you still have plenty of disappointed home buyers on the table. The truth is many homebuyers are so captivated by the “look” of the home that they forgot to check its “utility.”

In their excitement, they fail to realize that a home can be in a great neighborhood, have a gorgeous appearance, and built with the exact number of bedrooms — and still be a living nightmare. A home needs to be functional to meet your basic needs. Having defects in a major system not only makes you uncomfortable, but also incurs inconvenient and costly expenses for you and your family.

A home buyer inspection is an economic and smart way to safeguard your real estate decision. A home buyer inspection involves a trained expert (a home inspector) performing a non-invasive, visual inspection of your property. During the inspection, your inspector will walk around your home, examine your major systems, and identify items or problems that may need repair or replacement. Afterwards, your Houston inspection services inspector will give you a written report that summarizes their findings. Some key areas that will be covered in the report include the structural components; the roofing, plumbing, electric and heating/cooling systems; the exterior features; and the interior features.

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Leverage the Home Buyer Inspection Report to Your Favor

Your home buyer inspection report prepared by Doug Stephens should summarize and explain the condition of your major systems. If your inspection report reveals problems and you still want the home, do not panic. There is a solution to every problem. Do some research about the cost of repair and replacement for specific items. Once you have the information, prioritize the defects base on urgency and cost. Then you can sit down with the seller and negotiate for a lower home price, cash credit for repair work, or a little bit of both. In some cases, your seller may also agree to do the repair or replacement for you and include that as part of the contract. No matter what solutions you end up with, a home buyer inspection report is an invaluable tool for understanding the true condition of your home and mitigating your financial investment of the property.

Timberwood Inspection: Where Passion and Professionalism Meet

Inspired first by passion and later sustained by our professional experience, Timberwood Inspections is your trusted home inspection company in The Woodlands, Conroe, Spring, Tomball, and Houston, Texas. While there are many inspection companies out there, you will not find a home inspector as sharp and as qualified as Timberwood Inspections. This is because our home inspector has years of experience in structural engineering, construction, and other inspection-related services. In fact, we are proud to say that your home and foundation inspection will be performed by a pro who has built many top-notch homes in the past. Our Timberwood home inspector is someone who not only understands the engineering part of the home, but also can evaluate the structure and floor elevation with great confidence and precision. Call (281) 961-2385 to schedule your valuable home buyer inspection today.