Home Seller Inspection

Why a Home Seller Inspection?

House sale after Home Seller InspectionLoved for their affordability and economic advantages, The Woodlands, Spring, Conroe, Tomball, and Houston are some of the most popular home buying spots in Texs. But, for a seller, this does not mean an easy and fast transaction. Selling a home can be tough and stressful.

Not only are you expected to filter through a line of buyers, you are also competing against other home sellers who need the cash as much as you do. If you want to sell your home at a price you want, you need to have a plan to help your home to shine.

Thanks to Timberwood Inspections, home sellers can now market their homes with confidence and authenticity. We are here to help you to sell your home. Hire us to give you a professional home seller inspection so you can stand out in the competition. Give us a call today at (281) 961-2385.

3 Pros of a Home Seller Inspection

Everyone knows that buying a home is a big investment. Prospective home buyers are interested in a home that is not only affordable, but also comfortable. After all, whoever purchases your home will be spending some quality and personal times in there. As a seller, it is your job to assure your buyer that the home is worth every penny they need to pay. To do that, you need proof; and that proof can be provided with a written home inspection report.

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(1). Most buyers will not buy without a home inspection

Nowadays, most buyers make their offers contingent on a home inspection. In other words, a home inspection can be a true deal breaker. No matter how much a buyer may love your home, it is the written home inspection report that will break or make the sell. As David Tammy, the president of the American Society of Home Inspectors (ASHI) points out, there’s a huge psychological dynamic that happens in the home buying and home selling process. For one, the buyers are experiencing a host of emotions and uncertainties that need to be addressed before they are willing to buy. And for two, you have the home inspector who pokes around your house and reveals problems that could impact a person’s purchasing decision. As a seller, you need to know that buyers look to home inspection report for confirmation of their purchase decisions. Because most buyers are going to request a home inspection, it is smart business to have your home inspected beforehand.

(2). Having a home seller inspection prepares you for the big talk.

While a home inspection ensures that the buyer knows exactly what they are buying, the findings of a home inspection can bring unpleasant surprises to both the buyer and seller that altogether frustrate the entire real estate transaction. When you have a home seller inspection, you get to see the condition of your home without the drama of a skeptic buyer. A seller home inspection thoroughly examines the structure and major systems of your home. With a written report delivered to you after the inspection, a seller home inspection not only gives you a professional overview of your home’s true condition, but also gives you the opportunity to amend the defects before your buyer raises any objection and starts to negotiate for a lower price.

(3). A home seller inspection makes things easy for you and your buyer.

A home seller inspection provides proof of your home’s true condition. It enables sellers to fix the problems and make their homes more attractive on the market. When it comes to the actual sell, having a home seller inspection communicates the message of authenticity. Buyers appreciate sellers who are not afraid to reveal the weaknesses of their homes. With everything documented in a home inspection report, you give buyers peace of mind that the condition of your home has been verified by a professional. As a result, your buyers are more prone to trust you and to take your home seriously. Needless to say, you can be certain that every buyer will be grateful that you’ve saved him/her a couple hundred dollars on a home inspection.

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Home sellers looking for ways to gain a competitive edge in the fierce real estate market should consider ordering a pre-listing home inspection right away. Have your home inspected by a pro with 17 plus of experiences in home inspection, engineering, and construction. Call (281) 961-2385 now. We will give you a comprehensive, affordable home seller inspection that will help you to sell better, faster, and easier.