Houston Warranty Inspections @ 1 Year

woman holding up one finger showing end of 1 year warranty inspection needed An end-of-warranty inspection by Timberwood Inspections provides one final evaluation of your new home before your builder’s warranty ends.  It’s is a great way to find and document any additional or previously undiscovered defects (hopefully minor) to your new home while it is still under the builder’s warranty.

Our end-of-warranty inspection provides the same service and attention to detail as our typical complete home inspection.  Even if we performed the new home inspection prior to closing, we do it all over again.  Nothing is taken for granted.

Additionally, if we performed a Level B foundation evaluation of your foundation prior to closing, we perform another so you can see if the foundation has moved or settled and by how much.  Since the Houston area is know for expansive soils and foundation issues, its a great way to see if your foundation is performing as it was intended.

Is your one-year warranty about to expire with your builder? Well, don’t let your builder’s warranty run out on you without an end-of-warranty inspection. If you live in Houston, The Woodlands, Spring, Tomball, or Conroe, you now have the luxury of hiring a licensed structural engineer to perform an end-of-warranty inspection for you and your family. Proudly serving the Houston community and its surrounding areas for more than 17 years, Timberwood Inspections will help you to identify important defects before your builder’s warranty expires. By giving you a thorough end-of-warranty inspection that effectively reveals existing and potential building faults, your builder will be obligated to repair your home free of charge. The end result is a new home that will work great for years down the road.

What is an End-of-Warranty Inspection?

Building a home is a long and tedious process. Lots of things can go wrong. So even if your home is newly constructed and built by a reputable company, there may be hidden problems that even your builder may not be aware of. But after 11 months of living in the home and giving all the major systems a good run, some of the not-so-obvious problems may begin to surface. However, considering that most of defects are in their early stages, it may be hard for homeowners to notice them — and even if they do — to take them seriously. A great end-of-warranty inspection enables you to identify major and minor defects even in their early stages. It allows you to know what is exactly wrong with your home and get things fixed right away under the one-year builder’s warranty.

Why You Need an End-of-Warranty Inspection

When you bought your new home, it came with a one-year builder’s warranty to safeguard your investment. The purpose of the warranty is to mitigate the risk of the buyer by holding the builder accountable for certain problems that may plague the home during the first year of purchase. In a typical warranty, the builder promises to pay for a selection of workmanship, material, or mechanical defects. While this is a great deal for homeowners, many have let the warranty expire before realizing the amount of repairs they need around the house. This is because most of the defects are subtle. They are complicated. Only an experienced, qualified home inspector can give you an accurate description on what is defective. So, if you are on the 10th or 11th month of your one-year builder’s warranty, do not delay any further. An end-of-warranty inspection will save you much in personal and financial frustration. Go ahead and hire a home inspector now. Let him or her help you reveal the hidden problems of your home so you can get things fixed at no cost to you.

Timberwood Inspections: An End-of-Warranty Inspection that Promises Peace of Mind

A professional home inspector understands the structural and component of a well-built home. He or she is trained to spot pending problems that often escape an unsuspecting homeowner. Here at Timberwood Houston Inspection services, we understand that small problems can develop into big ones when not addressed right away. It is our goal to help homeowners take advantage of the one-year builder’s warranty so they will not be the one paying for all the repair costs. Our professional end-of-warranty inspection is available to residents in The Woodlands, Spring, Tomball, Conroe, and Houston TX. We are a customer-friendly and experienced home and inspection company that values your interests.

Your end-of-warranty home inspection includes:

  • A careful examination of the foundation, crawl space, and grading of the house;
  • A visual inspection of the roof, chimney, flashings, and gutter systems;
  • A review of the exterior, interior, and structural components of the home;
  • A professional inspection of the major systems and appliances.

Timberwood Inspections works to serve you and your family. We will deliver an honest and detailed written inspection report in 24 hours or less. Our inspector is also available to answer your questions over the phone. In so doing, you can have a solid understanding of not only the defects, but also the variety of repair options you can choose from.

Hire Timberwood Inspections: Your #1 Home & Foundation Inspection Choice

Timberwood Inspections is a professional company that will give you the quality assurance needed for a great new home. We are passionate about building structure. Our end-of-warranty inspection will assist you to identify defects and have your builder repair them under the one-year builder’s warranty. Call us at (281) 961-2385 and get your new home inspected before time runs out.