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Congratulations on finding a home in The Woodlands. Timberwood Home & Foundation Inspections offers a great Woodlands home inspection package to help home buyers to better understand their purchase decisions. We know that getting settled in The Woodlands takes a lot of work. It is our goal to ease the pressure and stress of home buying by delivering a quality home inspection report that capture the details of your building structure. Call us today at (281) 961-2385 to begin your quality home inspection.

Home Inspection in The Woodlands

Woodlands Home Inspection Suburban HomesMany people believe that purchasing a home is one of the most significant milestones in life, and for good reasons too. A home creates a sense of belonging. Having a place you can call your own brings comfort, joy, and a feeling of accomplishment. However, buying a home can be a pain as well. Not only does a home cost a lot of money, it is also sustained by a number of vital systems and structures. When one of those structures or systems fails, it is your job to get it fixed before a more costly problem develops.

A Woodlands home inspection helps you to avoid a pricey fix by revealing existing and potential defects that may mar the utility and enjoyment of your home. It is an effective (and economic) way for prospective home buyers to understand exactly what they are about to acquire. As a result, a Woodlands home inspection should be done with integrity and thoroughness. It should present a comprehensive but unbiased view of the home’s overall condition by including a detailed observation of your property’s major systems.

The Roofing System

The roof is your first line of defense against inclement weathers and windblown elements. Because a roofing system’s well-being drastically affect the mechanic, beauty, and comfort of your home, a certified home inspector in The Woodlands needs to try as much as possible to get close to the roof surface. If height and other impediments frustrate the view, the inspector should at least inspect the roofing from ground level while using binoculars and/or a good zoom lens camera for quality pictures.

The Plumbing System

The plumbing system in your house is made of a variety of pipes. You have pipes that bring water to fixtures (such as the sink or the tub), and pipes that drain the sewage from theses fixtures. A licensed professional engineer from Timberwood will inspect your water meter, water supply pressure, drain lines, underground sprinkler systems, heating system, and gas supply lines for function, leaks, signs of decay, and other problems.

Heating & Cooling System

In addition to examining the general structure of the roof for signs of damage and decay, a reliable home inspector should also check the cooling and heating systems. Using the normal operating controls, the roof inspector should be able to recognize the condition of the HVAC system and make recommendations for areas of correction and improvement.

The Electrical System

Your electrical system controls the electrical flow of your house and keeps your house running around the clock. According to the National Fire Protection Association (NFPA), electrical problems serve as one of the major causes of property damage in home structure fires across the U.S.  Thankfully, a thorough inspection of your electrical system can help you to avoid fire hazards and address defects early on in the process. The Woodlands home inspection package includes a comprehensive inspection of your electrical system. We will are here to ensure that all electrical wires, systems, and components in your home meet the latest legal safety standards.

CoupleReviewingNewHomeInspectionReportAs you can see, a Woodlands home inspection not only safeguards your investment but also your physical well-being. It helps home buyers like you to make an informed real-estate purchasing decision by breaking down the condition of your home part by part. Because it is important that your Woodlands home inspection is done with the highest standards of professionalism, you want an experienced home inspector or home inspection company that is also well-versed in the laws and building codes of the area.

Our Timberwood home inspection service in The Woodlands promises all of these and more. With 17 years of experience in home inspection, structural building, and engineering, the home inspector we sent to your home can take your house apart and give everything a detailed look. Get a comprehensive Woodlands home inspection report for your home in The Woodlands by giving us a call today at (281) 961-2385.

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As a master-planned community located just 28 miles north of Houston, The Woodlands is a great place to start a new life with your loved ones. Timberwood Inspection offers premier home inspection service in The Woodlands.

We accurately assess the structural and functional conditions of both residential and commercial properties to identify apparent and potential deficiencies.

As part of our routine client-centered service, we will:

  • Complete a meticulous visual assessment of the physical condition of your property and its systems at the time of the inspection.
  • Discuss our findings with you once the inspection has been completed and answer any question you may have.
  • Document our findings in an inspection report that is clear, concise, to the point, and easy to read.
  • Provide our client an electronic copy of our Woodlands report within 24 hours from the time the inspection is completed.
  • Maintain customer-friendly communication by making ourselves available to answer questions over the phone once you received the report.

Every Woodlands home inspection performed by Timberwood Inspections focuses on you, the client. Our Woodlands home inspection service is designed to provide you the necessary tools to make a sound, confident financial decision prior to purchasing the home of your dream. As licensed engineers, we employ the best practices and the latest Houston home inspector technology to meet our client’s needs. Choose Timberwood and be ready to benefit from our years of engineering, construction, and inspection related experience.

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